albert einstein

How to Think Like Einstein

  By Maurice Ramirez  You’ve likely met some people who are the epitome of the classic absent-minded professor. You know the ones…They can’t remember facts or formulas, much less people’s names, and they need to continually reference information that others believe should be second nature. However, once these so-called absent-minded people look up the information they need, they have the… Read more →

change the world

You Can Change The World

by: Clive Taylor It is becoming clear that the way a country or society is, the kind of psyche it has, depends on the way people relate to each other one-to-one, at the day-to-day level of life. At this one-to-one level there are very simple Rules of behaving. It is these Rules that determine how things happen at the large… Read more →

keep it simple

Keeping it Simple in 2015

  Over the past few months, the concepts of stripping back the superfluous, simplifying and pulling apart the true meaning of integrity have been strong personal themes. For many people, there’s a drive to again inspect old patterns that continue to run happily in the background despite years of self-examination. Perhaps under the direction of a new global energy, there’s… Read more →

google plus

Whatever Happened to Google+?

By Ted Janusz You may remember that back in June 2011, Google+ was launched as a “social layer” to enhance Google’s online properties. But what is a “social layer?” Drew Olanoff of The Next Web explains, “Google+ is a series of tools that are being layered into Google. The perfect illustration of this is the ability to see the recent… Read more →